Imagine being lost in the Alps. Imagine the feelings you get when being unable to contact any of your friends to help you.

That is exactly our story. Last year we went skiing above the clouds in search of sun and ended up being lost in snow blizzard. To make things worse thick fog meant that we had to be extra carefull during our descent.

Upon ariving to the bottom we knew we had to design device that will enable us to communicate easily when we hit slope for the next time.

Linker is our solution to the problem. It is small, easy to use communications device. It consists of two parts, small button which supports action camera mounts so it can be attached pretty much anywhere. Second part is small headset which fits in your ear and has both microphone and speaker in it. In order to talk to your group members all you have to do is press the button and talk.

LINKER specifications

  • up to 5 kilometers of range
  • improved safety
  • seamless communication during sport activities
  • unaffected sport experience
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Our team

Milos Vujadinović
Co-Founder, CEO, Electrical Engineering
Vuk Pajović
Founder, CTO, Electrical Engineering
Nikola Batić
Sales and Finance
Mladen Nikolić
Industrial Designer